Are you looking for a nice filling lunch?  A place to meet friends for dinner?  Can’t decide where to eat at 3 am on a Friday or Saturday night? Tired of all the typical fast food chains in the area?  Well we got the place for you, JJ’s Cheese Steak.

JJ’s Cheesesteak on the corner of 14th and U st NW is one of DC hot spot for the best subs in town. The Owners are DC natives who have been making Cheese steaks in DC since the 70′s.  JJ’s Cheesesteak an authentic cheesesteak hoagie on an Amoroso Rolls with White American, Provolone or Cheese Whiz.  With a variety of sauces and topping he created a few different steak, chicken, veggie and specialty subs that will make your mouth water.

Why do we call the place JJ’s, well other than the fact that the place is a Jamming Joint that’s dy-no-mite!!!  Rumors say that the place is owned Janet Jackson or Jeff Jenkins, I doubt  Janis Joplin or Joe Jonas maybe Jermain Jackson for sure not Jason Jiomby probably not Jimmy Johnson or Jimmy Johnson, Jenny Jones might have eaten here with  Joe Jackson, who is not related to Jesse Jackson who use to watch Judy Jetson, not John Jakes,even though we are haunted by the legend of Jesse James the main star is J.J Walker but the truth is  just Jude and Jawan.